Chicken Nice

A few notions around the use of audio and some notes on nicecast.

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After all the nicecast changing and testing of effects I’ve been doing the audio on this one is pretty rough.
I also got some, quite a few, sections of silence.
Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 20.31.59
Not sure where they came from, I am putting it down to nicecast flakyness, perhaps due to the fact I’ve been hammering it (had a crash just before broadcast).
download chicken-nice.mp3

Mel Blank and sound effects Man – Chicken farm song Creative Commons license: Public Domain.
Gif from NYPL Labs : Stereogranimator.

Chickens Clucking

rooster 01

Some comments about comments, here are some of the posts I was talking about:


update Quite a lot of interesting discussion on G+ around this.

Scratching The Commons


download scratcing-the-commons

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Creative Commons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Creative Commons
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Google image Search
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Chicken Scratch – YouTube
Stroszek: the Dancing Chicken – YouTube

Update: 30 Aug

You can set the default license for YouTube to “Creative Commons – Attribution”
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Evidently Not Chickentown


A second attempt at ds106 radio. 10 minute broadcast. A chance to think about chickens, the madness of ds106 and plans for some more podcasts.

download headless epsiode 2

Embarrassing moment here when Martha Burtis’s name left my head and left me mumbling. (note, names on notes).