Evidently Not Chickentown


A second attempt at ds106 radio. 10 minute broadcast. A chance to think about chickens, the madness of ds106 and plans for some more podcasts.

download headless epsiode 2

Embarrassing moment here when Martha Burtis’s name left my head and left me mumbling. (note, names on notes).

5 thoughts on “Evidently Not Chickentown”

  1. Isn’t that what editing is for? 🙂 At the end of your initial recording say Mary Burtis’s name, then splice out the mumbling and slip in the new audio. No one would be the wiser. Oh, wait… You said you only wanted to spend 10 minutes on post production… Is that even possible? Better stick with your ‘names on notes’ strategy.

    On a more serious note. I’m enjoying your style and continue to look

  2. Hi Rocky,
    Thanks, I hope the style evolves a bit.

    Started recording at 11pm, this post published at 11:23, so 10 minutes recording and 13 minutes post and publishing.
    Other than having no time at all between work family and fun, I like recording live, hence the ds106radio broadcasts.
    Also publishing my mistakes, and I am blushing about that one, should remind me to do better another time.

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