Chickens Clucking

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Some comments about comments, here are some of the posts I was talking about:


update Quite a lot of interesting discussion on G+ around this.

4 thoughts on “Chickens Clucking”

  1. John, thanks for the encouraging comments on commenting. I often have mixed feelings when I want to comment: am I too critical, too light-weight, too self-referring? Are my comments helpful, thought and creativity provoking, or are they merely cheers? I want to have fun with puns, references, and twists of perspective, but am I overdoing it? My general answer to myself is “think about what you are writing and be encouraging.”

    A large part of the ds106 community of creativity is how we learn from each other and riff on each other’s creations. You have positively addressed both in your audio thoughts.

    Keep exploring,

  2. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the comment;-)
    I like riffs and other views with the odd play on words and ideas.
    It is surly part of the ds106 ethos. I like comments that change my mind (sometimes).
    Especially with the daily creates I think the opportunity for fun should mostly be grabbed.
    Commenting on longer thoughtful posts is a lot harder.


  3. Hi John,
    Well once again I’m met with a pleasant surprise when dropping by to comment on a post. It’s Bill! I was coming to tell you that I had experienced this wonderful exchange between father & son when I logged in to comment a daily create post from Bill.

    I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your chicken casts. They are short, sweet, entertaining and informative. You continue to pack a lot into 10 minutes. Hope to be a guest chicken on one of these before to long.

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