Getting ready for some DS106 smack talk

One the worrying things about ds106 is the smack talk component, you need to have steady nerves and facial muscles of steel. Many of us are not use to this mode of discourse and need a bit of preparatory exercise. There is now no need to fear the smack talk, with just a minute or two of time each day you can have a chance of keeping up with Jim Groom, order your TOTAL SMACK TALK MUSCLLIZER today!

Appalling Facial Flex Infomercial 001

This informercial was created for the August 2013 GIF Challenge #4: Where Did the Soda Go? (Tina Link), ds106 Assignments: Where did the Soda Go?.

Youtube video downloaded with Fastesttube, still ripped by MPEG Streamclip and stitched back together with Fireworks.

I am not too sure of the spelling of MUSCLLIZER corrections welcome.

What Kind of DS106 Learner Are You?

The bar was set rather high for August 2013 GIF Challenge #3: DS106 Promo Poster by Talky Tina. I ended up making a few attempts, here are two:

I am not happy with the choice of gif or design but I though the idea of poking a wee bit of fun at Learner Styles was ok.


A few more ideas crossed my mind, one was to make a triple troll quote, but I didn’t attribute the quote.

The Body is mine, the fireball from an old Blade Runner Gif I made and the quote is from Van Morrison


Jim in the Air(plane)

After yesterday I can’t get JA out of my head.

click the gif to hear what Jim is dancing to.

I hope I managed to shroud Jim is a couple of wisps of cloud, and knocked dow the brightness and contrast in some sort of effort to match tone.

The Music is not quite JA but it is CC.
Using File:JA Crown-Of-Creation.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and TalkyTina’s improvement of my template which I snagged here: August 2013 GIF Challenge #2: Dancing Jim All Over the World | I am Talky Tina
Audio: – “psy trance.wav” by mechwarreir2 Creative Commons — CC0 1.0 Universal

Losing My Head


As the fall DS106 approaches TalkyTina ups cogodg’s challenge to the gif.

So in my head Grace Slick is now singing ‘lose your head’ and of course I lost my head to ds106 a while ago, and there is zen idea of having no head.

Gif put together from spare body parts, the ds106 radio logo (not sure who to credit for that one), a galaxy from the morgue file using Fireworks CS3.

Just some layers fading in and out.


ds106 Assignments: Show Us Your Headless13 ds106 Self