What Kind of DS106 Learner Are You?

The bar was set rather high for August 2013 GIF Challenge #3: DS106 Promo Poster by Talky Tina. I ended up making a few attempts, here are two:

I am not happy with the choice of gif or design but I though the idea of poking a wee bit of fun at Learner Styles was ok.


A few more ideas crossed my mind, one was to make a triple troll quote, but I didn’t attribute the quote.

The Body is mine, the fireball from an old Blade Runner Gif I made and the quote is from Van Morrison


One thought on “What Kind of DS106 Learner Are You?”

  1. Wow. You did a really good job on this challenge, John! I really like the way your poster leads everyone to a possible reason why ds106 is for them. Plus the one where the headless one has FIRE is exciting and about losing your head exploding with all the ds106 goodness, so that is fantastic. Plus, you put all the good information at the bottom including #headless13. Plus one is like a banner ad to put on a blog. So that is like double plus good points.

    Well, bye!

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