Getting ready for some DS106 smack talk

One the worrying things about ds106 is the smack talk component, you need to have steady nerves and facial muscles of steel. Many of us are not use to this mode of discourse and need a bit of preparatory exercise. There is now no need to fear the smack talk, with just a minute or two of time each day you can have a chance of keeping up with Jim Groom, order your TOTAL SMACK TALK MUSCLLIZER today!

Appalling Facial Flex Infomercial 001

This informercial was created for the August 2013 GIF Challenge #4: Where Did the Soda Go? (Tina Link), ds106 Assignments: Where did the Soda Go?.

Youtube video downloaded with Fastesttube, still ripped by MPEG Streamclip and stitched back together with Fireworks.

I am not too sure of the spelling of MUSCLLIZER corrections welcome.

One thought on “Getting ready for some DS106 smack talk”

  1. Well, that sure is a silly infomercial thing, John. It looks like she is eating Q-tips or something. But it is a good GIF of a silly thing infomercial. Can you actually buy that thing? If you actually wanted it?

    Well, bye!

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