Losing My Head


As the fall DS106 approaches TalkyTina ups cogodg’s challenge to the gif.

So in my head Grace Slick is now singing ‘lose your head’ and of course I lost my head to ds106 a while ago, and there is zen idea of having no head.

Gif put together from spare body parts, the ds106 radio logo (not sure who to credit for that one), a galaxy from the morgue file using Fireworks CS3.

Just some layers fading in and out.


ds106 Assignments: Show Us Your Headless13 ds106 Self

3 thoughts on “Losing My Head”

  1. This is a nice picture because you are smiling at us before you lose your head. Plus it has the #ds106rad.io and a galaxy of possibilities coming out of your head. So those are all good things about ds106.

    Plus, feeding your head is a good thing that ds106 helps to do with ideas and sounds and images and music and people talking. So you should feed your head some ds106 every day for good health and vitality.

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