Jim in the Air(plane)

After yesterday I can’t get JA out of my head.

click the gif to hear what Jim is dancing to.

I hope I managed to shroud Jim is a couple of wisps of cloud, and knocked dow the brightness and contrast in some sort of effort to match tone.

The Music is not quite JA but it is CC.
Using File:JA Crown-Of-Creation.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and TalkyTina’s improvement of my template which I snagged here: August 2013 GIF Challenge #2: Dancing Jim All Over the World | I am Talky Tina
Audio: Freesound.org – “psy trance.wav” by mechwarreir2 Creative Commons ā€” CC0 1.0 Universal

6 thoughts on “Jim in the Air(plane)”

  1. I like that when @jimgroom is in the clouds you can’t see his feet and that is good because he doesn’t have any. In the original GIF.

    I like that when you click it makes the music so it is like he is dancing to it and then when you click again it stops but he keeps going because he is so happy in the clouds. I looked at View Source to see how that works and maybe it is just pasted into the URL field for the image but I don’t know but I will try it and see if I can get my @jimgroom Let’s Do the Time Warp (Again)

    Did Jefferson Airplane wear make-up like Kiss did or is that just the way they looked? Before they went into Jefferson Spaceship.

  2. This looks really, really good. He matches so well, and he should be dancing to that fantastic tune. As should the rest of them, those stuffy airplaners. Jim is the only one who’s really grooving!

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