Chicken Nice

A few notions around the use of audio and some notes on nicecast.

advancednicecastusage – sirdarkstar
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After all the nicecast changing and testing of effects I’ve been doing the audio on this one is pretty rough.
I also got some, quite a few, sections of silence.
Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 20.31.59
Not sure where they came from, I am putting it down to nicecast flakyness, perhaps due to the fact I’ve been hammering it (had a crash just before broadcast).
download chicken-nice.mp3

Mel Blank and sound effects Man – Chicken farm song Creative Commons license: Public Domain.
Gif from NYPL Labs : Stereogranimator.

Week Three: comments and code

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I think I have started to find my level with the headless course.

I am not trying to do it all. Each week I aim to do a few daily creates, one thinking post and one assignment and a chicken cast.
I also hope to post several comments on other blogs.

This week I’ve been thinking of comments quite a lot. The podcast Chickens Clucking discussed this and gained some interesting comments, mostly on G+.

I’ve been mixing in a bit of html, css and javascript this week. Starting with the image on the What’s the story? post. I then added a we bit of css to the blog via the WordPress Google Fonts Plugin this let me avoid thinking to much by adding notes in ‘handwriting’ rather than writing a real post.
There was no real assignment this week, but we were encouraged to tackle a five card flickr story. Again I diverted myself with some css and javascript to make a slide show from the story.
I wonder if an html/css/javascript section would be good in ds106, I’d be interested in what others think.

I meant to do a bit more reading, thinking and commenting today, but I started playing with my new raspberry pi. That took a lot more than I expected.

The best thing this week has been reading other folks posts and comments, too many to mention given the late hour here. As usually it is amazing to see folk come together online. I’ve been trying to read a few about pages too, fascinating to find out the back story of some fellow learners.

Next week is the intro to audio I am not sure if I’ll be doing much. I am off for a few days holiday and don’t know if I’ll have an internet connection. I am also aiming to spend as much time outside and disconnected as the weather allows.

Make the wolf hole

According to Headless ds106 Week 1: Are You Ready For Bootcamp? we are asked to:

In this first short clip, listen to what art critic Robert Hughes has to say about why Art is important- and keep in mind this entire course is about creating art. Go beyond the fact that he sounds like an art critic. Listen to what he says.

I listened, I didn’t really like this:

it’s not a task achieved by groups by movements it’s done by individuals

It rubs against what I feel I gain for ds106 meeting and learning from folk in an interesting space. It smells a we bit of Thatcherism.
I also feel uncomfortable with the idea that I am making art in ds106, I am minded that art should be a bit harder, more difficult than what I am doing.

Watching the movie through a couple of times I flicked on the close captions, I often find these amusing. Rather than think hard about Mr Hughes’ word I decided to play.

Using 4K Video Downloader which is free, I downloaded the video and a srt (subtile file, generated from the captions). This allowed me to use gifboard to grab a gif with a caption from the video, I basked it down to B&W with Fireworks.

Robert Hughes on what art is wolf bw

And do a wee bit of editing of the srt file:
Make the wolf hole

Optimism is coming next,
Fish out the crystal,
Rush towards insignificance, 
This is the real thing.

This needs respect,
And nobody can,
Pollack with the server.

Matisse with with the puzzle,
Make the wolf hole,
Listen all its glory,
The true feelings.

Close the gap between you,
An experience of the world,
Levelled out,
Always going to have ups.

Created by deleting some text from the file, I added one the and a l which are in italic above.
Here is the .srt file: Robert Hughes on what art
I blogged about gifboard at the start of this year. It is a nice tool to have in ones gif toolbelt.

Scratching The Commons


download scratcing-the-commons

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Creative Commons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Creative Commons
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Google image Search
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Chicken Scratch – YouTube
Stroszek: the Dancing Chicken – YouTube

Update: 30 Aug

You can set the default license for YouTube to “Creative Commons – Attribution”
Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 12.23.40