Headless Week 4 – on a break

I was on holiday this week. I did have broadband in the cottage I was staying in, but was out and about most days away from a connection. This meant that I didn’t do much any of the listening required for Headless ds106 Week 4: Introduction to Audio- Listening First. I normally listen to audio when commuting. I did manage to here most of the first Scottlo archive and have the others queued up in instacast (my podcatcher) for listening next week.

Daily Creates

I did pretty well with these:

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I was taken to task by Tina, for not reading the instructions, so I’ve put that right (not sure if right is the appropriate word).

I also completed the What is Philosophy to you? Record an audio definition in 30 seconds or less create:

and yesterday’s video:

I had a lucky accident in the video, I was trying to keep to the one take rule and making a ‘cut’ I swiped across the lens with my thumb to make the cut. On opening the shutter (my thumb) again I gor an interesting fade in from headless by an accident of light, here is the gif:
ghostin 1
Quite strange.
I also made a bumper, messed around with NiceCast and figure out a useful mobile broadcast workflow for ds106 radio (and other icecast servers).
I made a shot 10-10-10 chicken podcast, where I did talk a wee bit about listening to audio, so that might do for the reflective bit this week;-)

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