Chicken Talking

chick-01 Yesterday I was planning to make a short ds106 radio show and podcast with the idea of helping folk starting the new round of ds106. It was in my mind most of the day, and I intended to do a bit of planning and note taking.
Somehow the day got to its end without the planning, the result was pretty rambling. I think I can do better.
So the plan now is:

  • Over the next 2 weeks of bootcamp I’ll do three or four broadcasts, then try for one a week.
  • I’ll aim for 10 minutes, with 10 minutes of planning beforehand.
  • A chicken theme.
  • More information about this in the next episode.

3 thoughts on “Chicken Talking”

  1. I thought the first show/podcast was already really great, and I look forward to more! Excellent idea. Loved having regular podcasts when Scottlo was doing it earlier this summer, and I’m excited you’re going to do some for this round. I might add in one or two myself to the mix!

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