From One Chicken to Another

Moving into week one of the headless ds106 the task for folk who are already in the ds106 house is:

See what you can do to welcome newbies, and consider writing posts about your experience and/or tutorials- such as explaining in more detail how you made your Daily Creates.

I seem to have may name down for helping out if I can and though I’d start with a wee ramble on ds106 radio. I managed to get the server setup and broadcast for about 18 minutes tonight.

Some advice about taking part in ds106 from someone who has, in fact, only produced a few blog posts over 2 or 3 iterations of ds106.
But it gave me a chance to get my hands on the ds106 radio mic, and might be useful to someone…
Have a listen.
mp3 download/link

With the slightest encouragement I’ll do this again with a better plan.

No editing, bar a brief run through Levalator, we podcast econo;-)

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