Week three in the village

It hardly seems any time at all since I arrived in the Village, the third week sped by. I’ve not done too weel in ticking off items in holiday itinerary. I did try, but got a bit distracted (more in a later post about that).

I managed a few snaps for the photo safari.

The day I was planning to get most turned out (as usual this summer to be rather cloudy. I did get to wander the hill around the Village for a while, seeking information and pondering the ideas around the Safari.

I fell short on my Daily Create Requirements, but managed a couple:

This one I aded the text to with PS Touch on my phone.

And even though there was no real work involved I liked how this one turned out:


I managed three assignments:

  1. We don’t need no general education
  2. The Resignment Village
  3. Behind the Cupboard, a Comic

I quite like the title of the second one, and the idea of the third. I just realised that the third fit with ds106 Assignments: Multi-Frame GIF Story so more credits:-) The Mulit-Frame Gif is one of my favourite assignments, this one is not my best, I ended up hurrying the process up too much.

In lieu of thinking about spy shows I read prisoner106: Some Thoughts on Spy Shows of the 60s a great post by Geoff Cain.

Although I continue to spend most of my holiday watching the TV and dreaming on the couch I did get out and about and visit my fellow inmates guests this week and really enjoyed chatting about their experiences.

Very soon I hope to get out a wee bit more and perhaps start up an small activity club for fellow residents in the Village. #BeSeeingYou

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