Here is the village there is a constant battle to avoid giving any information away. From a ds106 Assignments should come with information, a prisoner106 dilemma?

To start making good the many assignments with a lack of supporting information here, I’ve made a few brief tests on exporting gifs and the dither and loss settings.

I usually use FireWorks for creating gifs, with the occasional dip into Photoshop for selection tools. In FireWorks the export options look like this:


In Photoshop 5.5 the export dialog:



In Both it is easy to adjust both dither and loss:

I took a gif I made a few posts ago and exported it at different settings, you can see the result here: Gif Loss and Gif Dither.

Personally I usually go for small size over quality but hopefully not too mindlessly.



A Visit to the Office

Since I arrived at the village, I’ve done little but stayed in my room dreaming and listening to the radio.

Today I visited the office for the first time, picking up my badge, rather hynotic, and essential supplies (fonts and the like).


I filled out my information card too (click to expand), taking the time to get new frames for my Jim Groom’s. The village looks better with my Jim Groom’s on.

I’ve not made much of a dent in the video archive, and will return to my room for some viewing and a nap now. Be seeing you.



Dreaming of Tina

Last night Tina put an idea in my head.

We escaped



Then have a radio road trip:


Rocking along to #DS106Radio

When I woke up I rubbed my eyes and went to the window:

No information, this assignment is not a number.

(I miss the opportunity to change the car number plate…)

I remembered this Sequencing with Google Street View | Use All Five so Me & Tina Rocking the DS106 Radio around Portmeirion

Update 2: adding tags AnimatedGIFAssignments & AnimatedGIFAssignments1744 for the new ds106 Assignments: Animating #Prisoner106

Prisoner 106 in a spin

I guess this is ds106 Assignments: Say It Like the Peanut Butter.

I am not going to describe my methods, as I’ve done that before.
Tools: Handbrake, MPEGStreamclip, Fireworks.

I’ve not really touched base with others in the village, I am now 4 episodes in, head in a spin:


Wondering if I am going to be left hanging, or is there a chance of escape?the-prisoner-ep-4-swing

I am caught in a rut, need a new plan

Be Seeing You.

Prisoner106 Supercuts by numbers

In a continued attempted to find meaning in Prisoner106 I am continuing to analyse the first reel of the surveillance footage by various means.

I had previously downloaded Videogrep a tool for making supercut videos from video and subtitle (.srt) files.

First I had to find a subtitle file for the video. As usual with these things google is helpful. Adding the date of the video, 1967 and eng to the search helped. I could not find one for the dvds I had acquired, but got one for a cd set.

The first run through of the tool

python --input ~/Desktop/the\ prisoner/the-prisoner-ep-1.m4v --search 'six'
Threw a bunch of errors that I could not understand. I headed over to the other confusing village that is github to look for clues. I did a bit of googling too. Eventually I decided just to download a fork of videogrep,habi/videogrep and see what happens. As I had all the dependencies installed I just ran the new version. This did give me a video, but confusingly nothing matched, the timings were out.

It looks like the STR file I had did not match the DVD. I’ve had this problem in the past and usually failed to fix it. But I gave Subtitle ReSync Basic from a try and seemed to match things up.
Back to videogrep which ran through its ‘stuff’ and spat out a video, it did seem a bit short so I looked at the output:

[+] Search term 'six' was found in 3 places.
[+] Creating clips.
547.155 to 549.109: Woman Is your number six?
1429.498 to 1432.741:   Please go to number six - adjustment is needed.
2195.285 to 2198.724:   - Yours is six. - I'm not a number. I'm a person.

Opening the srt file in a text editor I just replaced all the occurrences of Six with six, I should have used the regEx for six or Six or case insensitive, which I’ve done before but I’ve forgotten how and my Internet connection is currently very slow.

I figured out the case for the second supercut:
python --input /Users/john/Desktop/the\ prisoner\ rips/ --search 'number|Number' -p 1000 the -p flag pads the segments (in miliseconds)

I don’t think my SRT files is properly matched with the video, hopefully I’ll be able to find or make a better match from some subsequent reels.

Meanwhile some image analysis is getting results into the mind of number 6: