Jim Says, Listen to the LoDown

Listened to a couple of the excellent ds106LoDown podcast on the scottlo radio blog this afternoon. I was delighted that a radio bumper of mine was plated as an example on ds106zone LoDown 009 apart from Scott’s usual wonderful voice and engaging content he is embedding some great audio information in the lodown podcasts.

So when I had 10 minutes waiting in my car I decided to knock up another bumper, this time playing with Scott’s reluctance to be a required part of the DS106zone.


I used GarageBand on my phone, just messing with the sampler and then putting a hopefully suitable loop behind it.

Of course it would be better if I had a sense of rhythm;-)



DS106 Confusion

Create a ds106 radio bumper Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running creating a 15 to 30 second bumper for the station.

This one is pretty simple. Short segment from Gnawa Diffusion‘s Frik Fashion.
I’ve enjoyed Gnawa Diffusion for a few years while hardly understanding a word of their lyrics (in Arabic, Tamazight, French and English). A fair metaphor for DS106.
Nothing fancy. Just the start of the track and a few words. A few minutes with GarageBand. I regularly do some quick edits of recorded audio and normally use audacity followed by Levitator for that but prefer GarageBand now for recording and simple ducking.