Beat Gif

Wandering round youtube I found Jack Kerouac (rare footage) / Cat Power – Good Woman – YouTube. Most of the Kerouac I’ve seen have been chat show footage with a drunk Kerouac. This clip shows his gentler side. Unfortunately to get the gif file size down I had to crush it hard.



  1. Downloaded the mp4 with Fastesttube in Safari.
  2. Loaded it into Movie2Gif and exported some gifs, all with 15 frames.
  3. Opened fireworks and did a wee bit of cropping of some of the gifs.
  4. Created a new document in Fireworks, imported and placed the gifs.
  5. Made a new layer for the ‘frames’.
  6. Used the export wizard to get the files size down to 1.1MB

I guess this is a ds106 Assignments: Multi-Frame GIF Story.

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