The Big Steal

More BBC inspired giffing. nice to see some B&W back on the box. The Big Steal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia described as a noir/comedy staring Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer is great stuff.

I just marched through the movie grabbing some sections with Movie2Gif – John’s World Wide Wall Display doing a little extra cleaning up in fireworks.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find any section to illustrate the most interesting aspects of the movie. Firstly the female lead was I feel treated as more of an equal that usual. The only North American who could speak good Spanish, the movie is set in Mexico, she held her own bantering with Robert Mitchum, driving a car and firing a gun in fairly high heels. , the villains all shouted at the Mexican characters. The two main Mexican characters spoke good English and displayed intelligence.

I didn’t manage to gif any of those moments but here is a few I did:







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