5 from 39

Enjoyed the original 39 steps on the TV the other night. Some giffable moments:











I just skimmed through a downloaded version in Movie2Gif and exported a few gifs. One or two I edited  a wee bit in fireworks.

Most of the DS106 croud seem to use GIMP or photoshop for giffing but I like Fireworks. Movie2Gif is just a fronted for Gifsicle which does a nice job of stitching frames together from stills. Fireworks is good for grabing a bit of a frame and ‘spreading’ it over all the other frames to freeze that section of the gif.

This sort of fits the ds106 Assignments: Multi-Frame GIF Story. If I get some more time I might go on with the movie, maybe get 39 gifs from it.

As usual, not much any refection on the movie from me.