A Touch of Don

The offshoot of ds106 that is #giffight has given me a lot of fun. Every so often the giffight tumble posts an image with the invite for anyone to use it to create an animated gif from. You post it to tumblr tagged giffight or tweet and it is added to the gifight tumblr. The … Continue reading “A Touch of Don”

Chain of Command

(the above gif has nothing to do with the rest of the post, other than it is to do with the wire.) A while back I posted about gifboard and it’s bigger brother storyboard. I’ve played a bit with storyboard and the wire this week. Storyboard is a command line application which creates pdfs from … Continue reading “Chain of Command”

Automating autocomplete Gifs

I saw an autocomplete poem on tumblr today which reminded me of Illustrating Odd Autocompletes | Bionic Teaching and the ds106 assignment that came out of it. Illustrating Odd Autocompletes. On another post, Internet Ephemera – Sociology Edition Tom Woodward has a flickr slide show of some autocompletes, which made me think of creating an … Continue reading “Automating autocomplete Gifs”