Kung Fu Hustle

I am fond of animated gifs, but haven’t had time to make any. After seeing Jim Groom’s Master of the Flying Guillotine Animated GIFs I went over to YouTube to see if I could find any kung fu. Kung Fu Hustle – YouTube which I had watched in the cinema. Very much a comedy. I downloaded the movie and grabbed a few gifs:

I didn’t spend much time on these, but there is something fascinating about animated gifs.

To download youtube videos I use youtube-dl a command line tool. It seems to work better than some GUI tools I’ve used.
To grab gifs from the movie once downloaded I use Movie2Gif this is just a GUI front end for the Gifsicle command line application. It works on a Mac and you can download it from a link on the Movie2Gif post if you want to give it a try.

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2 thoughts on “Kung Fu Hustle”

  1. What would be fun is some animated GIF kung-fu. We each come up with a move from a movie, animate it, and then make them go face to face. Two animated GIFs fighting it out through eternity. I think we would have to agree on orientation—meaning I’m attacking to the right, you to the left—but besides that it can definitely be done.

    You in?

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