Mashup Assignment FlickrSounds

DS106 students do not have much time left the clock is ticking…

This started as a riff on some cogdogfoo flickrSounds for #ds106 as a way of producing comic-strips of images and sounds. It gave me an opportunity to play with the flickr and free sound APIs.

It developed into a sort of slideshow of images and sound, a couple of examples.

To create a slideshow

  1. go to flickrSounds. Put in a word to search for
  2. When the image and sound load you can see alternatives by clicking he image or waveform
  3. When you have one you like click Add to Preview
  4. Repeat with more words
  5. When you have finished click Save as AV slides
  6. This will show you your slideshow and give you a bit of html to put into your blog (you need to be on text/html rather than Visual in the blog editor.

I do not think you can use iFrames in a blog but it should work fine on a self hosted wordpress blogs.

I’ve found that sound phrases, eg, tick tock or ‘drip drip drip’ are easier to get a reasonable result from than a quote.

I use one for my 404 here.

If I was counting I’d get stars for this and for creating a tutorial;-)

2 thoughts on “Mashup Assignment FlickrSounds”

  1. This is really cool! What a fun tool. Thanks for the tutorial as well.

    I clicked on the “404” example, though, and the third image says “image not available” or something like that. perhaps you’ll need to use a different image?

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