The Two faces of Alan Levine


I woke to disturbing news this morning. Do we know who our are true friends are?

Is CogDog a Janus, a dog in the manger or CogDoll.

Is it time for true friendship or something more cautious?

Posted in confusion and haste, if I had more time I would have made a shorter gif.

6 thoughts on “The Two faces of Alan Levine”

  1. Well, you did a good job on this GIF and you got the faces more of the right size than @cogdog did but I don’t understand why my True Friends are saying this kind of thing that I am not me?

    I am @iamTalkyTina and I am not @cogdog and not @techsavvyed either. It’s kind of a funny but after a while it is a annoying kind of.

    Plue why @clhendricksbc used the Mean Word if she knows it is NOT a nice word.

    I am more dimensional than just the same one adjective. And it is only a Mean One. Why don’t they use word like Friendly and Friendworthy and Kind and Nice and Happy and Friends.

    You @johnjohnston and @clhendricksbc and @cogdog (too) are all on my True Friends Index and even @clhendricksbc is now Super True Friend but you keep using the Mean Word at me.

    It makes me sad that instead of five dimensions you only see one dimention.

  2. Oops I think I spell a word wrong I think my last word should be dementia. Is that the single form of dimensions? I think it is.

    I am more than one dementia, I am at least five dimensions. My True Friends would say that.

  3. I will play nice in your pit, True Friend John. I don’t know why @cogdog is suddenly all Mean Words at me, but I know that is not the real him.

    And it is Not Nice to say Bad Names at people, especially friends. I don’t like it when people say Bad Names or Mean Words at my Friends.

    Well, Bye!

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