Making some Adjustments

As I had to get up early this morning I though I might make good use of my time. I popped into the Village shop and bought a screwdriver.

I wanted to have a closer look at the TV in my accommodation after last night’s blip.

I also need to get some more credits and decided on doing a wee bit of audio work. I am still trying to get an understanding of The Village by looking under the bonnet.

I had already taken a bit of audio from on of the surveillance tapes:

I ran it through the reverse filter in audacity:

Which was interesting and make some sort of sense if you are in a hypnagogia state. But it required further investigation. I found some instructions which lead to a new tool to add to my toolbox. PaulStretch is quite fascinating, and after spending quite some time testing the settings I fell back on the basic preset:


Feeding this into some video footage from the archives:

Tells us quite a lot about the state of Rover’s mind, or perhaps his master’s?

Some information

Movie clips extracted with MPEGStreamclip from video taken from dvd with HandBrake.

Movie clips concatenated with ffmpeg.

Slowed down with ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -i -filter:v "setpts=4.0*PTS" rovercon.mp4
Which turned into mp4 too

Added the stretched audio:

ffmpeg -i rovercon.mp4 -i the-prisoner-backwards-strech.mp3 -map 0:0 -map 1:0   -shortest rovercon-audio.mp4

I am finding ffmpeg interesting as you can try different variations out quickly.

Rover normally seems to be a cold mechanical creature, this view suggests something deeper, organic perhaps, hints of ancient chants and secrets. Perhaps the Village is not as rational as we think.



3 thoughts on “Making some Adjustments”

  1. Hey there, John!

    There’s a lot going on in this head of mine. Without spilling my brains and sharing everything, let’s just say that there’s usually a beautiful cacophony of discord humming along inside my brain case most of the time. Things do quieten down when I am resting, but get if you get all of my senses up and running and encounter me in full flight, then literally thousands of previously absorbed memories and thoughts tend to oscillate out from my surface and you get that wonderfully complex racket that you’ve remarked on.

    Thanks for letting folks hear some of the more subtle elements. I know they can’t follow them all like I can, but at least the Residents can have some appreciation for the complexities and nuances involved in being me.

    Be Seeing You.


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