We don’t need no general education



Interesting happenings in the village this week, there seem to be a lot of ‘learning’ going on. As I watch number six get into trouble I am thinking my decision to be less confronting was a good idea. However this episode is taking the committee well inside my wheelhouse. Although I’ve not got number six’s skills I think there are other ways to subvert the establishment here, perhaps a bit of digital graffiti…

5 thoughts on “We don’t need no general education”

  1. All the dreaming and reflection is paying off!

    This new glitch poster making will help influence residents sub-consciusly. Hmmm….sometimes the quiet ones are the most dangerous ones. I will be reporting to the hospital that you are just in your bungalow watching TV. Or will I?

  2. While certain aspects of The General seemed familiar on my first watching this week, I recall being surprised when David Kernohan tweeted out about this poster and the education-themed episode back in June. I’d certainly not remembered there was an education-focused episode at the time, and am ready to go back for my second new viewing, now that the Danger Meter is out of the way.

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