Letter to Camp Week 3

I’ve not been around the camp as much as I hoped this week, so am sending this note. It has been a busy week here in Scottish Edu Tech land.
I did keep up with most of my daily chores, mostly by using my phone and not taking too long about it. I particularly enjoyed the 6 minutes past the hour day, an interesting activity. I’ll embed the various tdcs below and a set from the 6 minutes past too.
I’ve bumped into quite a few campers along the way, mostly on flickr comments http://www.flickr.com/activity/ is a useful way to keep up with this traffic. I’ve also visited a few of my fellow campers assignment posts and had a few chats.
Strangely I’ve not seen any/many of the folk from my Bunkhouse, the Wäscälly Wäbbits in passing, I’ve not made it into minecraft at all this week. I did watch, in a school I was visiting, some 11 year olds co-operation to build various things in minecraft on iPads. Inspiring and I hope to get up and running in there soon.

My week 2 daily creates:

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My 6 past the hour set for tdc ds106 day in your life – Take a photo at 6 minutes past the hour for an entire day.

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I’ve installed the Before After WordPress Plugin. I’d used the Javascript before so was please to find a plugin.

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