Letter from camp 1

It is a long time since I’ve been camping and this is a very different sort of camp. There are bunk houses, not tents. There are even toilets and sinks, wifi is good.

I am setting in but finding it hard to sleep at the same time as everyone else, might be jet lag.

There are tons for campers and it is hard to remember who is who and which bunkhouse they are in. I made a list or two but need more information, my facial recognition is never good. Everyone seems very friendly

There seem to be this really weird wide-game going on. I remember when I was wee at camp we played lots of games where we ran about in the wild capturing folk and generally carrying on. This game is much stranger I’ve only played once and was ‘eaten’ straight away. In the game I have to carry a big block of wood around, it was sort of like a nightmare where your feet are stuck to the ground and you cannot move. I took two minutes, two minutes, to look at my iPhone to see if I could find any rules and I was ‘eaten’. They said I could have my life back and play again but I decided to try and get some sleep. (update, I tried again today, met a couple of folk and got killed a few times before minecraft froze, perhaps I should not have been exporting Quicktime, exporting MPEG streamclip and importing into iMovie al lat the same time).

I have been managing to join in the daily chores, if you remember I always liked that bit of camping. I even like washing dishes in the stream, grit is better than squeeze for getting pots shining (not so good for Teflon).

Before I came some friends suggested there was a sinister aspect to the camp that it smelt a little like a cult, I m happy to report that you have no need to worry about brainwashing, although some of the camp songs are a bit strange.



I do realise that the gif could be really annoying. I am also playing with Google Web Fonts which might be annoying too.

2 thoughts on “Letter from camp 1”

  1. I love both the gif and the Google fonts — the font really captures the essence of the letter home.

    I would definitely recommend turning everything else off when you’re in Minecraft. It’s a hog.

    As for that weird camp song, I had nothing to do with that. It was all cogdog and Sgt. Pepperstrong. Weird guys.

  2. Love the animated gif. It’s like Warhol and Jerry Garcia all mixed up but it’s really you. 🙂 I remember the first night at camp in the sleeping bag was always a bad night’s sleep. The longer you camp, the better you sleep at night. The better you sleep, the greater your creative energies in the AM.

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