Week 1 Summary

First week of the Camp MagicMacMuffin session of ds106. I’ve keep up with the daily create, here is the Flickr evidence:
Bog Cotton in MotionmoonEntrance to my closeTdc137inverse ravens
I aslo sort of did the two video tasks by combining them into one. I also did a wee bit of web dev and created a very simple iPhone web app for checking what the daily create i on the hoof: Remember to Create Daily. I am hoping to expand this a little over the next few weeks.
As an online participant I allowed myself to skip the critical task. I have read a few of the http://magicmacguffin.info/ posts and the ‘camp’ is shaping up. I particularly like the idea of grouping participants into cabins. Should make commenting and keeping up a bit easier.

Update 28 05 12: I noticed that the flickr slideshow didn’t show all 5 photos tagged mmweek1 for some reason. Reverted to copy paste the embed code for each. There must be a flickr grid plugn for wp?

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