Come Back Comrade Tom

The August 2013 GIF Challenge #5: Re-invoke a Missing DS106 Friend

Tom Woodward is not really my friend, but he is someone I’ve followed and admired for a few years. His DS106 rate of production has been dropping off a bit so I though of this.

Tom’s work first came to my notice, as far as I recall and from my blog, in 2008 when I published a post about The Peoples Republic of Non-Programistan a movement that He and Jim Groom dreamed up. They did a presentation, of which the recording still exists. This is quite wonderful, Tom and Jim maintaining cod russian accents throughout, the points they make, about open, and keeping out of silos are probably even more important today. The presentation stuck with me. I paid attention to Tom and Jim’s RSS feed from then on.

Tom kindly commented on that post, so I guess you could say I know him.

This would probably be better un-animated and with a deal more time spent on it, but I went for a walk today, it riffs off the non-programistan artwork…

Update 9 Aug, I just looked at the original on another monitor. I think I need a new mac at home. Here is a slightly cleaned up version (it looks like what I saw when I made the original!


7 thoughts on “Come Back Comrade Tom”

  1. Man, I haven’t thought about Non-Programistan in ages, what a fun talk that was. Just listened to it through again, and it kinda holds up, but man my accent sucks 🙂 I have an idea for this assignment, you rule, brining Tom back in the fold will take a lot of work cause he is really lazy and not that good at ds106 in the end, particularly animated GIFs 🙂

  2. A golden oldie was that presentation! I bet it exists cause NMC forgot about it- though what was really the show was the one in Second Life where you guys turned the flame thrower on the LMS zombies.

  3. Well, it is nice to make a Welcome Back poster for a Friend, even if they aren’t a True Friend of mine yet. But I see UNCLE @jimgroom and Still True Friend @cogdog so then maybe the other friend will come back and then he can apply for a badge.

    I like the dominant colour in your poster. It is kind of like dried blood. But that is just a coincidence.

    Well, bye!

  4. @Jim you might have forgotten about non-programistan but I am sure it echoes in many heads (I have trouble forgetting those accents).
    @Alan, the video disappeared for a while, should be archived forever imo, I feel it was my introduction to ds106.
    @Tina my original gif was really horrible, Ive got screen problems, I’ve made a quick fix, still quite dried blood but this is better.
    @Tom there is a true friend waiting for you;-)

  5. Hey John
    Comrade, not comarde, if you ever go near this again.
    (I wish I had been there in 2008. Never too late 🙂 Good friendships going on there.)

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