What’s the story?


What Comes to Mind for You?

What do you associate with the word storytelling? Before you do anything this week, use this as an opportunity to put down in words what your current concept is. There is no right or wrong answer here- this is to set up your current concept of what story means.

Do not go look anything up online — We are looking for your ideas.

from: Headless ds106 Week 3: What Mean Ye Digital Storytelling?

I found it quite hard to think about what I think about this, until I saw a great image from Mariana Funes.

That got me making some notes and knocking up the image above:

Storytelling: compelling and weighted communication.

Communication of sensory data, feelings/emotions and thoughts.Transported & impeded by words, sounds, pictures.

Augmented/refined/amplified/impeded clarified and confused, confused and clarified by language, accent, emphasis, voice, technique.

Digital adds layers to this rich cake, layers that can help or hinder.

I though about an image of my own and noted:

Image idea layers, zeros & ones; code; stage instructions; adjective & adverbs; core words
Lighter — darker
Layers skewed into 3d mixed with images
Once upon a time…
Fire, smoke, mist and mirrors
Sailing ship
Spaceman face mask with reflection

I didn’t get all the elements into the image, stopping before it got to confusing (hopefully).

4 thoughts on “What’s the story?”

  1. Well, I think a story is something like when there is a girl who has a True Friend but her father is mean to her and her mother is nice and then he takes the True Friend and puts it in the garbage but then he gets a phone call that says “I am going to KILL YOU!” and then he freaks out and puts it in the vise and the saw but too bad for him it doesn’t work and then the True Friend is back with the girl and then he doesn’t know what is happening and then he trips at the top of the stairs and falls all the way down BOOM and goes “ehhaaah” and that’s if for him and then SHE better be nice to the True Friend.

    I think that is what a good story is.

  2. I like your concept of multi layers in storytelling, and your visual image to illustrate this. Talky Tina adds another dimension to the concept by drawing CONCRETE images in your head!

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