A Diverting Week Two

The scheduleHeadless ds106 Week 2: Getting Through Bootcamp / Personal Cyber Infrastructure steps things up a wee bit.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time thinking about No Digital Facelifts: Thinking the Unthinkable About Open Educational Experiences and watched the video a couple of times (luckly my car was in the garage for an MOT and I was on the train on Thursday). I had planned, in notes and my head a fairly detailed response. As I started to write it up I searched this blog to see my previous response, it turned out I’d not really had any new ideas since DS106 Assignment 2 A personal digital space. I would recommend anyone interested in educational technology to watch this video. It is a wonderful talk filled with rhythm and humour.

I was thinking I’d manages a few daily creates this week, but looking back not as many as I thought:
I did manage a Keychain video. Cris Crissman left a nice comment about liking the line: “I don’t keep my stories locked up in my keychain.” which is what I started with when thinking the video out. Could have been better if I’d tried more than one shot.

Here are my other tdcs on flickr:

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My other daily creates ended up diverting me a little. I had commented on Stefanie’s wonderful Animated Skull Chain which provided the first major diversion, blender.org – Home of the Blender 3D I lost a good few hours on that this week, luckily the first tutorial (145 pages of pdf!) gave me the submarine daily create this week, and eventually I finished the project:

I lost most of Saturday morning on tutorial 2, getting stuck quite near the beginning. I think I’ll play with blender a bit more but might wait until I’ve a bit more time.

I also left the tracks with headless ds106 portrait ending up with a gif and now a tutorial on how I did it:

One thing I’ve been aware of this week is how time poor I seem to be. I am making sure any daily creates I do take no longer than 10 or 15 minutes, I would have liked to do Create an exciting movie trailer for your ds106 web site. Use The Voice. but didn’t even have time to think of a good idea.

My final activity was the animated gif I posted earlier today. I might as well add a few gifs I made along the way.


Belles Arrival 01


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