Keep Calm and Make a Gif

A new Assignment form Ben Rimes, ds106 Technical Difficulties | The Tech Savvy Educator worth 36 stars! My own effort took all of 3 minutes so an easy win;-) I started here: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON with the Keep Calm-o-matic and finished in fireworks, with a bit of noise.

Let’s face it, ds106 is a difficult ship to sail. Besides the shark-infested copyright waters and the mine filled seas of comment-apathy, it can be hard to keep the ds106 boat going forward all the time. So let’s honor the fact that the site will more than likely continue to endure growing pains, and provide some excellent “technical difficulty” signs/gifs/media that can be displayed the next time the site goes down….wait, it’s working now, right?

ds106 Technical Difficulties — MISSION: DS106
Finding time to do a few Assignments today as it has been raining fairly steadily.

After the Jump an animated version, suggested by  Chad Sansing:

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