Today August 2013 GIF Challenge #11: Get Your Wiggle on based on ds106 Assignments: Wiggle Stereoscopy

There was a bit of chat on twitter today about using a mobile for the upcoming ds106 headless course. I’ve used an iPhone and iPad for a few assignments and a fair number of daily creates so though this might be one t otry. I started with my new fav giffer app, 5SecondsApp, but didn’t get far. It hade worked well for a couple of seamless gifs recently but I could not get a good wiggle. The then turned to giffer pro which did a better job for me.
The whole wiggle process is describe well by Rockylou today.
Photo 12-08-2013 20 17 25

Here is one with iphone photos edited in Fireworks on my mac.


PS 1, there is a nice site: NYPL Labs : Stereogranimator for playing with this stuff with old 3D images from the stereograph collections of The New York Public Library.