End of a Good Spell

#Ds106 GoodSpell Final Season ep 8 Letting go Bullet 107! The End!

For the last episode of the DS106 Good Spell Mariana and I were joined by Jim Groom and Ronald Leunissen.

Since The DS106 Good Spell Episode 1, Marina & I have been talking DS106 0n Sunday Evenings, covering her mammoth post: DS106 in 106 posts and 106 bullets published at 1:06. This consisted of 106 bullet points reflecting on the Headless 13 iteration of DS106.

I think we managed an average of about 2 bullets per episode.

I’ve really enjoyed and learnt from the process. We were usually joined by a wee audience on twitter.

The show was futz filled and tweet distracted, we chatted and laughed our way through serious and silly aspects of DS106, sometimes circling the same territory sometimes veering of wildly. Marina’s bullets gave us a base from which we could cover all sorts of ideas to do with online life & learning.

Delightfully we were provided with links, posters and bumpers from various members of the DS106 community who we own a pile of thanks.

As we signed off each episode: DS106 Radio #4Life

Featured Image my own designed at the start of the show. CC-BY


20 Minute Photo Challenge: ds106 Photoblitz – CogDogBlog

So this is how we set it up:

Here is an exercise we did in class as a fun way to try out your visual interpretation skills. We give you a series of things to capture in photos you must capture within a 20 minute window of time. In this case, it is less about capturing artistic images, but just doing what you can to be inventive. Before you do this, pick a place that is likely to have a lot of variety of subjects (middle of town ro campus, your basement, whatever).

I’ve had this is mind as a short piece of fun since Alan posted this. I didn’t do much thinking about pick a place that is likely to have a lot of variety of subjects as my surroundings were quite monotonous(not in a bad way).

When I was on a walk to Loch Humphrey and Duncolm yesterday I decided to try this out. I did think about which stretch of the walk would be good, but was stuck for some pictures, I didn’t see anyone else to get a picture of their feet or paws in that particular 20 minutes although it is a popular walk and I passed a dozen or so folk in the 3 or so hours I was walking. I failed to make a supernatural photo too.

The exercise was good fun and would be an interesting one to do with a class of pupils. I will be repeating it myself. Perhaps using different sets of photo ideas.

Here is my set: ds106photoblitz – a set on Flickr, I didn’t pict the best 5, just piled them in.

To embed them here I decided to use Haiku Deck on my iPad. With the photos appeared in my photo stream as soon as I came home. I had hoped to search for and use the ones in flickr, but Haiku Deck didn’t find all of my pictures even after I gave them a unique tag. So I uploaded them from the iPad when I saved the Deck.

The PhotoBlitzer

When I read Alan’s post I copied the photo idea to my dropbox so I could find them whenever I decided to give the challenge a go. This had me thinking a bit. I though I could make a webpage that would supply a random set of photo ideas. I took Alan’s list, mixed in some from the, now discontinued, Daily Shoot site, and made a webpage that shows a random set of 7. photoblitzer.

I spent a wee bit of time shorting the challenges so that 7 would fit on an iPhone screen (iPhone 4). The page also show the current time to act as a start clock picture which will give the list of challenges. It might even be useful.

Update: photoblitzer is now updated with >160 photo tasks to draw from thanks to Alan Levine sending the whole of the DS106 Daily create photography section. I’ve also added a button to let you copy the html for the list as I though that might be useful for sharing a random set of tasks.

Update  9 Oct: I just added a toggle to the colours of the items listed, you can use the webpage, on your phone, to keep track of the pictures you take. NB don’t refresh the page.