my web 2.0 trip DS106 assignment 3

The assignment was in two parts:

  1. read: “What is Web 2.0?”, Web 2.0 Storytelling and Seven Things You Should Know about Creative Commons
  2. distill a few key points use one of the “50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Digital Story” to distill a few key points from you reading.

I notice that prezi is one of the 50+Ways – Presentation Tools listed on the wiki. As I started thinking about Web 2.0 I got caught up in browsing through my own short history of using ‘this sort of stuff’. Recently impress.js had caught my notice, it is a prezi like tool that uses javascript. It is new and only works in Safari and Chrome at the moment. I think that Firefox 10 should do the trick too.

I am not overly fond of prezi although I’ve seen it used to very good effect, but I though it might be interesting to try out impress. impress in which you create the ‘slides’ by adding attributes to divs in HTML seemed a bit simpler to use than prezi. I found a great post that explains how it works: How To Use Impress.Js | Cube Websites Blog.

So rather than think deeply about Web 2.0 I played with impress. The results are not tasteful but I had a lot of fun.

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