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So the challenge for day thirteen is one of @cogdog‘s wonderful assignments, Animated GIF Assignment 859: Riff-a-GIF, which asks us to take someone elses ds106 work and RIFF-a-GIF from it.

from: August 2013 GIF Challenge #13: RIFF-a-GIF | I am Talky Tina

I scrolled through a few recent daily create pages until I came to Make a 360deg panoramic photo of a room in your house. I somehow missed that one, I’ve messed about with panos quite a lot and even made a few experiments for displaying them. Anyway I though I’d sit in one of the nice office seats and give them a spin.

Both Rockylou’s and Bill’s images had suitable licenses the others did not.


Basically I opened the pano in fireworks and changed the canvas size.
I then duplicated the frame a number of times.
When through the frames moving the image -180 pixels in the Property inspector for each frame.

Click the screenshot for a bigger version:
Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 15.41.15

For the second one I took a different approach. I chopped a series of images out of he original, then used those to make the gif in fireworks:
Opened the first one.
Switched to the finder and selected al lthe rest
Dragged then onto the first in FW
Selected all of the layers
In the Frames window, distributed layers to frames.


So my gifs also rif a little of Tina spinning her head around in Rockylou’s and Bill’s offices.

The quality is a little rough but I prefer smaller files size to quality.

Here are the source images, thanks to Rockylou and Bill for licensing them appropriately.

Office Panorama
Home Office

both published under   Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic — CC BY-NC 2.0

One thought on “Spin a Gif”

  1. Hello, True Friend John!

    Yes! That head-spin PANO that you made of Bill and Rochelle’s offices is just what it looked like when I sneaked in while they were out getting their lunches. Except for me, it was a little lower down because I wasn’t sitting on a spin chair but just standing doing my exercisist head trick.

    But, yeah! You got it!

    I think I will try to make one of these one days I need to get one of those cameras that you put on your head when you jump off a cliff. Except for the cliff part.

    Well, bye!

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