Roots for Riffing

timelapse_portholeDS106 seems to have got off to a roaring start, perhaps it is the compressed 5 week course but it is impossible to keep up with the flow. The 24 folk at UMW have turned out 127 posts at time of writing!

This is wonderful, not only for just enjoying the flow of ideas but for the invitation to Rif.

Last night I spent a happy hour, thanks to Brian Bennett’s invitation to rif his trip gif to no great result. (I may return, the one on the left took about 2 minutes this morning, but there are a lot better things to do with the material).

Just before bedtime I then read Mr Conway’s Twilight Zone Title Poems where he kick off a new assignment to make a poem out of Twilight Zone episode titles

I commented a quick verse:

A Most Unusual Camera,
Mirror Image, Miniature.
The Whole Truth: Mute,
Spur Of The Moment:Static,
The Silence: Dust.

Which could, with some generosity, be seen as being about the daily create…

Then I fired off another couple:

Night Call
I Am The Night,
Come Wander With Me.
Valley Of The Shadow,
The Bewitchin' Pool,
Sounds And Silences:
The Fear.

Night Call
Spur Of The Moment,
Come Wander With Me:
You Drive.

The second is almost a haiku. THis got me wondering about feeding the words in the titles into some sort of Haiku generator of which there are a few, some with recipes. Also wondering about some sort of auto animated titles from the zone…

Mr Conway kindly provides a doc of all the lines, I’ll pay that forward with a text file: the twilight zone titles.

3 thoughts on “Roots for Riffing”

  1. Thanks for taking me up on my offer, John! The riff looks good…I like the different perspective of the images as they fly by.

    I love the idea of the poem from TZ titles. I’ll have to give that one a go later today.

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