Resigned: Scene Poster

Capture/Screenshot a scene from an episode of a TV show or a movie and try to make a poster for that episode or movie. Try to make it cool! Be creative! Making it suspense can be a good one!

from: ds106 Assignments: Scene Poster




Export frames from episode with ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -i 'Hammer into Anvil.m4v' -r 1 -f image2 HammerintoAnvil/HammerintoAnvil-%4d.jpg

Nearly 3000 images

Combining images 10 at a time using subtract:

ls *.jpg | xargs -n 10 sh -c 'convert "$0" "$@" -evaluate-sequence subtract sub/"$0" '

Results in 291 images.

Opened one in FireWorks, takes frames of prisoners photo being typed over, from these frames:

Added a layer using the resigned card. Deleted the background from that layer leaving the text.

Text Later, interpolated, with a stroke filter.

Added the second last frame again to emphasise the face a little.

Added text picking the colour from elsewhere on the image.

Export to jpg.

I am quite interesting in the effect of combining and layering images automatically. Some hint at psychological layers that are darker than the colours used in the series.

Takes quite a lot of HD space up, but I think there are few more stories to be extracted. Especially later in this episode where number 2 and 6 are trying to get inside each other’s heads.


2 thoughts on “Resigned: Scene Poster”

  1. Interesting how we have our trails of interest….such a lot of work, yet the look of combining frames your way is really special. I love the end result.

    I wish I could get past the first hurdle and get Handbrake to work. I would love to be able to try the combine x number of images, I think there is something lovely and uniquely digital about this kind of art. Kind of what Brett Victor says about using the tool not just to make art we make physically but also looking to use it in native ways – I think your art does that.

  2. For someone who feels negative about design (as you stated in your most recent post 🙂 ), you certainly have a talent for deconstructing a piece of media and building it back again.

    Intriguing process and product!

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