Gifs begin where words leave off

A quick gif with audio. A warm up watching Hammer into Anvil. An interesting episode, no escape attempts but a moral crusade by Number 6 and a battle of minds with Number 2.

More fist fights and physical action than most of the episodes so far, kosho looks like fun.


Another ds106 Assignments: Animating #Prisoner106 for an early 2 credits.

4 thoughts on “Gifs begin where words leave off”

  1. I like how you’ve used the nature of a looping GIF and a looping audio file to recreate the scene.

    It was particularly satisfying to see Number Six’ plan come to fruition in this episode — especially since so much of the plan seems disparate until it starts to fall into place. We are just as confused as viewers as the poor shopkeeper is in this scene.

    As for the trampoline game, it’s a bit contrived, perhaps, but then again, look at some of the reality adventure competitions on TV today. In this context perhaps it’s a brilliant antecedent to Deathrace, Rollerball, The Running Man, …

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks. The audio doesn’t loop that well but you get the idea. As usual it was late.
      Plotting of number six’s win is great.

      I like the feebleness of the trampoline fight. This episode has more fist fights than usual. One of the things I like about the prisoner is the lack of punch-ups compared to contemporary shows. The violence is light (a balloon!). The focus on weird psychology etc is a lot more fun.

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