QuickTime for a Smoke

This is not a gif assignment.

qt_tools is a set of commandline tools for Mac that manipulate quicktime movies. One of the tools is qt_proofsheet:

QT_PROOFSHEET will take a QuickTime movie and render it out as individual frames in a grid. By default, it takes about 100 frames of your movie and fits it onto an 8.5 x 11 document, with timecode imprints.

from: qt_tools
By using different parameters you can make a strip of stills from a quicktime movie the one I am using here is 576 x 8208 pixels.
This is then animated with css. The qt-proofsheet adds the time stamp, you can minimise them but I found them useful is creating the animation.

For those interested, probably only a few, here is the code

The stills were grabbed from ‘Perchance to Dream’ an episode of the twilight zone.

I am afraid I am a bit sort of time so this post is a bit lacking in information, but this technique is an interesting take on the animated gif. The quality is fairly good and the file is 654kb.

Here is a more standard use of proofsheet:
Right-Click and open in new window to see at full size, this could be useful for analysing film.

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