The Case of the Missing Tag

Photo edited from Labels by Mrs Magic Some rights reserved

Yesterday the DS106 daily create was Create an outograph- an image where the subject has been cut out

This technique was coined by beat poet Ted Joans; see some examples from Believe the Impossible

Upload your photo to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc725

Sounded interesting and easy enough to do in a few minutes. I made a few and learned a we bit more about photoshop in the process (basically, select, new layer via copy and then adding a Fill layer using the selected layer as mask). I’ve found I’ve gone to photoshop a little bit more recently as its selection tools are better than fireworks’s.

I uploaded the photo to Flickr and added the correct tags:

Taking Myself out of the photo

At that point there were no other photos tagged tdc725. This morning I checked the photo flickr and clicked to see photos with the same tag. I saw quite a few but mine was not on the list, and therefore not on the Daily Create page. I’ve seen this a few time before and tried removing and adding the tag to no effect. Then I googled and found: Flickr: The Help Forum: Ive added tags but its not working (yet?)

This post gave a clue and worked for me:

Just in case it helps others – I found that if I went into the privacy settings for a photo and re-saved (it was already set to anyone) then they pretty much appeared immediately in public tag searches.

from: Flickr: The Help Forum: Ive added tags but its not working (yet?)

I clicked Show More after Additional info on the photo page.
I then clicked Edit after Anyone can see this photo
I clicked Save on the dialog, even though it already said anyone could see the photo.
The phot showed up in the tag search immediately Flickr: “tdc725”.


9 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Tag”

  1. This is totally great news! I did not find this answer when I looked before; quite a few people have had this happen.

    I hope to soon redo the site so photo urls can be tweeted; Flickr tags are fishy.

  2. I looked at that thread and am impressed how far down you had to dig to find this solution. It is also apparent that tag failure is common and sometimes takes a flickr staff member to manually fix.

    Generally when you report this it will take a few iterations, because their first response will ask you the basics (is it public?, etc). I find it helps to carefully document with links where the tags work and where they do not.

  3. Thanks, guys, but no go for me. Tried resaving eveything I could, short of deleting and reuploading, but still not showing in search. I’ll try that extreme step tonight or tomorrow. Off tonight to big dinner to celebrate our twin sons graduating from college, BS in Criminal Justice for both; and both are city police officers.

  4. Well, I deleted my image last night, but then found out that my original is on the computer at work. But, I have a class today, so I am at work. I re-uploaded the image, and (lo and behold) it shows up in search and on

    So, there is still no single answer to the tag search issue.

    Happy New (same old) Year

  5. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the test. No silver bullet.
    It did work for a couple of colinthedog’s photos.
    I am going to keep trying the ‘Save Anyone can see this picture’ and see how often it works long term.

  6. From Flickr Help: If your account is new, first you need to upload at least 5 public photos. After that minimum has been reached, then it shouldn’t take more than a few days until your photos appear in searches, groups, etc. To make sure your photos show in searches, remember to add accurate tags and descriptions.

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