The Case of the Missing Tag

Photo edited from Labels by Mrs Magic Some rights reserved

Yesterday the DS106 daily create was Create an outograph- an image where the subject has been cut out

This technique was coined by beat poet Ted Joans; see some examples from Believe the Impossible

Upload your photo to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc725

Sounded interesting and easy enough to do in a few minutes. I made a few and learned a we bit more about photoshop in the process (basically, select, new layer via copy and then adding a Fill layer using the selected layer as mask). I’ve found I’ve gone to photoshop a little bit more recently as its selection tools are better than fireworks’s.

I uploaded the photo to Flickr and added the correct tags:

Taking Myself out of the photo

At that point there were no other photos tagged tdc725. This morning I checked the photo flickr and clicked to see photos with the same tag. I saw quite a few but mine was not on the list, and therefore not on the Daily Create page. I’ve seen this a few time before and tried removing and adding the tag to no effect. Then I googled and found: Flickr: The Help Forum: Ive added tags but its not working (yet?)

This post gave a clue and worked for me:

Just in case it helps others – I found that if I went into the privacy settings for a photo and re-saved (it was already set to anyone) then they pretty much appeared immediately in public tag searches.

from: Flickr: The Help Forum: Ive added tags but its not working (yet?)

I clicked Show More after Additional info on the photo page.
I then clicked Edit after Anyone can see this photo
I clicked Save on the dialog, even though it already said anyone could see the photo.
The phot showed up in the tag search immediately Flickr: “tdc725”.