Monkeying Around in Time

Last week I saw Who’s That Cute Kid on The Beach? – CogDogBlog, started in on it. This that and a MechanicalMooc got in the way of finishing and I am glad they did.
Today I came home from work to find my #DS106 t-shirt had arrived. A no brainer:

I grabbed the original photo from flickr scanned from my mum’s shoe box and got my daughter to take a quick pic.

On the iPad I used Superimpose to take out the background from the now picture. Then in Photoshop touch I made a triple layer images with me sandwiched between two layers of the old one. A bit of rubbing out, export to camera+ for cropping, Snapseed for a bit of grunge and finally Diptc for a while border.

By no means a great job, but quick and fun. I could have done a bit of a better job with the cropping and rubbing out and there is an obvious disparity in the tone (or grain or something) between the photos, perhaps more grunge would help.

Update 3 Nov 2012

Alan called me out ds106 stype in the comments and on twitter to tell the story behind this photo. I must say I didn’t really think of the story. I’ve very few photos of myself at a young age and just grabbed one I though would work visually from twitter. I am not sure if I can actually remember the event or just the photo. Anyway:

The photo was taken, I’d guess, at the end of the 60s or perhaps at the start of the 70s. I was born in 1958 my brother 3 years later and I am guessing on appearance.

This would have been a Saturday when we went to Helensburgh for the weekly shopping. I do remember feeling aggrieved that my brother got to hold the monkey. I was the one with the interest in wildlife.

I wish I could recall my feelings about the monkey, other than fascination and delight at getting close to one. I’ve had a life long interest in animals and the way we treat them and have gone back and forth on many issues: I spent my teenage years with wildlife as a main interest that veered into shooting rabbits and duck, before stopping eating meat at 21 (still don’t). I disapproved of animals in captivity but worked as a zookeeper for most of my 20s. nicely conflicted.

So I wonder how I felt about the monkey did I feel sorry for it, disapprove of it being dressed up. I can imagine being quite angry about this at certain periods of my life.

That is the story, but the ds106 story will continue in the next post…

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  1. It’s a great edit, especially where you can see through the space of your arm and body.

    So like I ask my students, what is the story you are telling with time? Who is the monkey?

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