The DS106 wheels keep turning

In my day job today I was running a wee holiday course for teachers in digital storytelling. We use the Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life rather than our usual base for this. It is nice to get folk out and about taking photos and video. (we use ipad 2s as cameras and 3 flavours of the course, editing with mac, ipad and pc).

So I was taking some video which I then though would make a reasonable Cinemagram I didn’t think it turned out very well, it is hard to get the looping smooth so I decide to try and make it a wee bit smoother. I think these, done with quicktime pro 7 (which still works in os x10.8) and fireworks are a lot better.



these tick the ds106 Assignments: Photo It Like Peanut Butter boxes. I am going to make a quick screencast tutorial on this as I think fireworks is under appreciated in ds1o6.

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