Grin and Bear it


A new DS106 assignment ds106 Assignments: Illustrating Odd Autocompletes by Tom Woodward.

Google Autocomplete is an oracle with strange powers to bring oddities into your life. This assignment asks you to seek out that randomness. Start with a strong phrase (things like “I hate . . .” or “I love . . . ” seem to work well.) and run through the alphabet looking for really odd autocompletes. When you find a good one, screen capture it and create an illustration that represents the search string

looked like a quick win for a lazy Sunday.

I found a nice CC bear on Flickr (Shipshewana, Indiana | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Creative Commons — Attribution 2.0 Generic — CC BY 2.0) and am afraid I don’t care to much about the copyright of the Colgate ad, parody perhaps.

Merged the bear and add using Superimpose on the ipad and added that to the google screenshot using PS touch.

Superimpose is a great application I posted a screencast of using it on my other blog a while back.

The google auto complete looks like rich pickings for strange serendipity.