Alternative Lines for the Daily Create

So Alan is barking about getting creative which pushes me towards a dailycreate or two.

Unfortunately yesterday’s Draw something abstract out of straight lines proved a bit of a problem, I stared at various iPad drawing apps, scratched a few lines and gave up.

Waking early in the morning I though about this a bit, looked at the ones that had been created while I slept and though, I could do this with HyperCard. Lacking an old enough mac and wanting to learn a little more about the canvas element in html5 I decided on a small javascript experiment.

A bit of googling and I came up with this simple page. It basically produces an image with 600 random lines.

There are a few other variations. I also looked for a nice quote about ‘straight lines’ which is added to the image (this can be turned off).






Now I am wondering about making animated gifs from multiple images. done