Make the wolf hole

According to Headless ds106 Week 1: Are You Ready For Bootcamp? we are asked to:

In this first short clip, listen to what art critic Robert Hughes has to say about why Art is important- and keep in mind this entire course is about creating art. Go beyond the fact that he sounds like an art critic. Listen to what he says.

I listened, I didn’t really like this:

it’s not a task achieved by groups by movements it’s done by individuals

It rubs against what I feel I gain for ds106 meeting and learning from folk in an interesting space. It smells a we bit of Thatcherism.
I also feel uncomfortable with the idea that I am making art in ds106, I am minded that art should be a bit harder, more difficult than what I am doing.

Watching the movie through a couple of times I flicked on the close captions, I often find these amusing. Rather than think hard about Mr Hughes’ word I decided to play.

Using 4K Video Downloader which is free, I downloaded the video and a srt (subtile file, generated from the captions). This allowed me to use gifboard to grab a gif with a caption from the video, I basked it down to B&W with Fireworks.

Robert Hughes on what art is wolf bw

And do a wee bit of editing of the srt file:
Make the wolf hole

Optimism is coming next,
Fish out the crystal,
Rush towards insignificance, 
This is the real thing.

This needs respect,
And nobody can,
Pollack with the server.

Matisse with with the puzzle,
Make the wolf hole,
Listen all its glory,
The true feelings.

Close the gap between you,
An experience of the world,
Levelled out,
Always going to have ups.

Created by deleting some text from the file, I added one the and a l which are in italic above.
Here is the .srt file: Robert Hughes on what art
I blogged about gifboard at the start of this year. It is a nice tool to have in ones gif toolbelt.

Scratching The Commons


download scratcing-the-commons

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Creative Commons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Creative Commons
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Google image Search
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Chicken Scratch – YouTube
Stroszek: the Dancing Chicken – YouTube

Update: 30 Aug

You can set the default license for YouTube to “Creative Commons – Attribution”
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Evidently Not Chickentown


A second attempt at ds106 radio. 10 minute broadcast. A chance to think about chickens, the madness of ds106 and plans for some more podcasts.

download headless epsiode 2

Embarrassing moment here when Martha Burtis’s name left my head and left me mumbling. (note, names on notes).