Simple Glitch update

Click the image for some sounds.

A while ago I made a simple way to add sounds to gif I though it might add something to a glitch-gif, there are plenty of glitch sounds over on freesounds.
p_glitches1.wav by pulse00, Creative Commons — Sampling Plus 1.0

I’ve updated the glitch app a bit, adding some better find and replace options and fixing a bug or two. Get the new version: simple glitch download



I am not sure what week it is in the Headless 13 season of DS106!
After moaning about google plus, I’ve used it more than any other way of keeping hold of the ds106 tale. I still do not like the locked in nature of plus, but have to admit is it easy to use.

There have been lots of interesting paths developing as riff in ds106, I got interested in Mariana Funes’ glitching and watch the first wee bit of a video that Christina Hendricks posted about glitching.

There are a lot of tutorials and explanations about glitching online, but I just messed about with the easiest way, this involves opening an image with a text editor and making some random changes.

I got quickly fed-up with the length of time it took to do this and though I could make a SuperCard project to automate the process, allow me to quickly create glitches, I then though it might be interesting to create some gifs from the glitches and added that to the project.

At the same time I was paying attention to Rochelle Lockridge’s GIFAChrome Camera. Rochelle was making some lovely careful gifs and wrapping them in a ‘custom film’. I decided to borrow the frame for my horrible careless gif changing GIFAChrome to GLITCHaCHROME.

iconI added the GLITCHaCHROME to the SuperCard project which has resulted in the Simple Glitch application.
The application is pretty simple, it should run on Mac OSX 10.6.8 or later, mostly tested on 10.9.
There are no real instructions in the application but it should be obvious how it works. I consider this version 0.4 beta, but have no real plans for further development unless I get another idea.

simple glitch download If you give it a try I’d be interested in how you get on.

Update: 29.11.13 now at version 0.4.1 Beta which fixes a bug for 10.6.8 thanks Rochelle