Beat Gif

Wandering round youtube I found Jack Kerouac (rare footage) / Cat Power – Good Woman – YouTube. Most of the Kerouac I’ve seen have been chat show footage with a drunk Kerouac. This clip shows his gentler side. Unfortunately to get the gif file size down I had to crush it hard.



  1. Downloaded the mp4 with Fastesttube in Safari.
  2. Loaded it into Movie2Gif and exported some gifs, all with 15 frames.
  3. Opened fireworks and did a wee bit of cropping of some of the gifs.
  4. Created a new document in Fireworks, imported and placed the gifs.
  5. Made a new layer for the ‘frames’.
  6. Used the export wizard to get the files size down to 1.1MB

I guess this is a ds106 Assignments: Multi-Frame GIF Story.

5 from 39

Enjoyed the original 39 steps on the TV the other night. Some giffable moments:











I just skimmed through a downloaded version in Movie2Gif and exported a few gifs. One or two I edited  a wee bit in fireworks.

Most of the DS106 croud seem to use GIMP or photoshop for giffing but I like Fireworks. Movie2Gif is just a fronted for Gifsicle which does a nice job of stitching frames together from stills. Fireworks is good for grabing a bit of a frame and ‘spreading’ it over all the other frames to freeze that section of the gif.

This sort of fits the ds106 Assignments: Multi-Frame GIF Story. If I get some more time I might go on with the movie, maybe get 39 gifs from it.

As usual, not much any refection on the movie from me.

Train to Anywhere

I am getting on The GIF Train and Riffing a GIF working off Alan’s The Faultless Feed (GIF) Train.

going for the quick and dirty rather than any precision train engineering. Taking the CogDog Express across Scotland,


Over Glasgow:

And over the moon:


Here is a greenscreen train, if anyone wants to take the train a bit further.