Pioneering use of GIFaChrome

egypt-strip Recently discovered in the back of a dusty drawer is compelling evidence of the early adoption of the GIFaChrome format by pioneering female photographers.

These women were not discouraged by the predominant male view that the photographic image should be static or that the gif format was not suitable for serious subjects.

The rare filmstrip present here hints that the format was used around the world. Already archeoloGIFts are on the look out for other caches of this rare film. The film can at first glance be easily mistaken for other formats, overlooked or discarded.

Modern GIFaChrome artist Rochelle Lockridge who has done much to popularise the format was unavailable for comment at time of writing, her work on the recent history of the GIFaChrome Camera is essential reading for those interested in the format. We hope to have a triple-troll-quote from Rochelle later today.

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