a random ds106 gif A random Gif

A while back I posted about the DS106 random gif api, a rather daft piece of fun: 106 drop in » Blog Archive » Gif Scraping and a DS106 Gif API. The api seems to be working well and I’ve used it on DS106 GiF TV which is still a work in progress.

Yesterday I had a thought to make a simpler example of using the API and that an idea might be to riff off Alan’s pechaflickr making a version that showed animated gifs.


This afternoon I took a first run at this. I’ve not copied any of Alan’s code just borrowed the idea. The pechaGif loads 20 random gifs and them displays a start button. Clicking that will full screen 20 gifs for 20 seconds each.

The page just uses javascript and I’ve kept everything in one file in case anyone wants to use it to see how the gif API works.

I did not expect anyone to make use of this, but Mariana suggested:


So I guess I may add that to the assignment bank, might give it a go myself first.

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